how to build your own website

Domain and web hosting

Hosting options available
Website Builders
Shared Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Collocated Hosting

Hosted e-Mail

Remote Online Access
Access & Manage email online from any web-enabled device connected to the internet..

Low Cost of Ownership
None of the traditional hardware and licensing ownership costs when choosing our solution.

Hassle free spam and virus filtering
Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus software.

Contacts and calendar synchronization will help your employees work better together.

Cloud storage

Total Cost of Ownership
With cloud storage, there is no hardware to purchase, storage to provision, or capital being used for "someday" scenarios.

Time to Deployment
When development teams are ready to execute, infrastructure should never slow them down. Cloud storage allows IT to quickly deliver the exact amount of storage needed.

Information Management
Centralizing storage in the cloud creates a tremendous leverage point for new use cases. By using cloud storage lifecycle management policies, you can perform powerful information management tasks including automated tiering or locking down data in support of compliance requirements.

Server Hosting

Complete customization without the expense
Full root access allows total control over your hosting environment, including custom installs and configuration. The completely autonomous virtual server is fully allocated to your site. All the benefits of dedicated resources without the cost of a dedicated server.

Increased reliability
Multiple layers of network security and several bandwidth providers are utilized to ensure maximum server reliability and availabillity. All VPS servers are housed in a state-of-the-art data center featuring redundant power and HVAC units. A RAID 0 disk configuration provides maximum data protection

Fully scalable to grow with you
A VPS scales up easily to add resources as your needs grow. Easy scalability means never paying for more resources than you actually need. Start small and grow your server along with your business